How To Never Get A Plantar Wart Again

If you have had a plantar wart, then you know how unsightly and even painful they can be. These flat warts usually strike patients on the bottoms of their feet and toes, and can often make walking a painful experience. As you may know, removing and treating warts can often involve expensive laser treatments and repeated liquid nitrogen treatments. As with any other condition, prevention is always the best medicine. Plantar warts are no different than any other foot condition – while never one hundred percent preventable; there are indeed some great ways to almost ensure that you are never plagued with these unsightly warts again. Here are the best ways to avoid ever getting a plantar wart again.

-    Keep Your Feet Dry – Warts thrive in moist shoes and socks. One of the best ways to ensure that you never get a wart again is to keep your shoes and socks as dry as possible at all times. If you are planning on working out or running, bring an extra pair of socks to change into immediately after you finish your exercise or activity. Never, ever workout without wearing socks, either. It is crucial that you wear clean socks during every workout, as this ensures that your shoes stay dry and clean. Clean socks are just as important as dry socks, too. Only wear socks that have been freshly washed.
-    Public Bathrooms – Never walk barefoot in the bathrooms or locker rooms of hotels, public gyms, or in any other shared or public facility. Plantar warts are quite contagious, and they thrive in the moist and publicly shared environments such as these. Instead, invest in a cheap pair of shower shoes or flip-flops, and wear them at all times when you are using a shared locker room or bathroom. This will greatly diminish your chances of picking up plantar warts, in addition to helping you ensure that you keep your feet clean.

Remember: Cleanliness and dryness are the two main key points when it comes to avoiding picking up plantar warts. If you practice these “clean and dry feet” tactics, you are almost sure to never pick up any unwanted plantar warts. There is no way to absolutely guarantee that you will never pick up plantar warts – but if you practice these techniques, your chances will be greatly, greatly diminished. Remember – clean, dry feet are indeed happy feet!

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